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The Refuah Coach’s Prayer




Dear G-d, Ribono Shel Olam,


Bless us, and those that we have the privilege to coach, to be inspired and guided by You, our Creator and Ultimate Coach.


May we be blessed to have compassionate understanding of the good intentions of those that we coach, to see their great potential, to respect them, and feel Ahavas Chinam for them.  May we be able to help them appreciate the goodness of their Neshama, their strengths and abilities.


May we assist them in clarifying their highest aspirations and goals.  Bless us to help them find solutions to their problems.  May they be blessed to have the strength, courage and confidence to accept the responsibility of making good choices and successful efforts to accomplish their worthy goals.


You created every soul with great potential; may our clients, and all those we want to help, fulfill more of their great potential.


We pray for everyone we coach, remembering that You are the ultimate Compassionate Coach and Shepherd of us all.


Thank You for all Your abundant blessings and inspiration; and may You have Nachas from us as we strive to fulfill our calling as coaches.





                              Rabbi Joshua Ritchie, MD, Dean, Refuah Institute


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