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Graduate Theses

The Reality and Choice of the Difficult Questions in Dating

Stephen Baker, AAPC

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Discovering Coaching

Rebbetzin Brafman, AAPC

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Finding More Happiness in your Marriage

Rabbi Shia Aharon Leigh, AAPC

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The Power of Asking Good Questions

Shlomo O. Tauber

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Rebbetzin Ritchie with some Refuah Students

Every week there was something that I could implement immediately, yet the full depth and value of the ideas and concepts matured throughout the duration of the program. The practice and role-playing sessions were especially powerful learning techniques.


~ Rabbi Tsvi Koehler AAPC

"Professor Ritchie was privileged to learn the art of coaching and counseling by first hand observation of several great rabbinic counselors, including the previous Amshinover Rebbe, Rabbi Y. Y. Meir Kalish"...

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