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Find the best Life-Coach or Counselor for you.

      A Refuah Coach:


Respects you

Empowers you

Focuses on your future

Understands you with empathy

Actively Listens to you

Helps you effectively, happily achieve your goals



Find a Coach


Below is a alphabetical listing of certified coaches, faculty and graduates of the Refuah Institute who offer private coaching. 

Sarah Abenaim- AAPC

Relationship Strategist. 

Serving men and women seeking to unlock what holds them back from having the relationship of their dreams. Navigate through challenges of communication and emotional intimacy in marriage, or implement skills to become your best self to prepare and attract a future relationship. 


Based in Teaneck, New Jersey. Available anywhere.

(201) 615-1124

Instagram- @sarahabenaimlifecoach


Miriam Adahan, MEd, PhD, CMCC

Area of expertise: building a positive view of oneself and the world despite abuse or family dysfunction.

Location:    Jerusalem, Israel (Practice is global)

Phone:    972-2-586-8201



Sarah Angel, RTC, AAPC

I am a Life Coach in Israel focusing on helping clients change their life. I work with a wide range of clients focusing on dating, stress management, making healthy choices, self-awareness and helping people achieve their goals. Together we look for an answer to the question "What am I doing here?" connecting with Hashems spiritual energy to give us strength which helps us grow. Visit my website at

Contact me today to see how life coaching can change your life!

Location:    Israel

Phone:    02-571-0250


Galina Barshay, AAPC

My family immigrated from the former USSR 26 years ago, and the journey to create a new life for ourselves in the United States taught me firsthand the importance of living life with clarity of purpose and awareness of both my feelings and those of the people around me. I have had two different careers, one in exercise / wellness (over 10 years as an aerobics instructor) and the other in healthcare (over 20 years of experience working in hospitals both as a practitioner and administrator) and I have long wanted to use these skills to help and support others on their journeys and see my role as a life coach as a blessing.

I specialize in relationships, women’s issues, and teens. I will help you clarify your feelings as well as improve your ability to effectively express them. Furthermore, I will assist you in developing the skills needed to replace negative thoughts with positive ones to better achieve your goals.

Please contact me for more information and schedule a first meeting! I coach in-person, over the phone, or over skype.


Galina  Barshay, BS of science, AAPC
Location: Atlanta, GA

Languages: English, Russian
Cell phone: 6788961023

Yoel Backman, AAPC

I have over 20 years experience in Education and would like to help you solve challenges you may have in education.  I do general coaching as well, focusing on finding solutions to life's challenges. Please email me at I coach by phone or in person.

Location: Monsey, New York

Susan Basch, AAPC

A successful educator, employed by various local high schools, Brienza, and Catapult, is now practicing as a CPC endorsed by the AACP, Toshia, and Refuah Institute.

Methods currently used are: Reality coaching, CBT, NLP, and Solution Focus. Satisfied clients will attest to the intuition and patience displayed. Working on relationships in a wide range of areas like friendships, Shalom Bayis, parenting and hardships etc. I do telephone calls or office visits located Williamsburg. Payments can be made by cash, check or credit cards. ( Attractive package deals are offered) All ages and genders are accepted and welcome. Friendly, confidential and focus oriented. 



Rabbi Noson Berman, MA, MFT, AAPC

Noson Berman received semicha from the Rabbinical Seminary of America – Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim in NY.  He has a BA in Psychology from Touro College and an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy from TUW.  He is a graduate of the Refuah Institute Certified Professional Coaching program where he received certification from the AAPC and the William Glasser Institute for Choice Theory and Reality Therapy. 

Noson has worked extensively with teens, young adults and their families for fifteen years and has been involved in teaching and administration in both General and Special Education.  His coaching practice includes marriage and dating coaching, job and career coaching, educational coaching, addiction and recovery coaching, and work with clients with anxiety and depression.  He is available for in-person, phone or Skype consultation

Location:    Baltimore, MD, United States

Phone:    443-390-6508


Sandra (Rivka Sima) Berenstein, AAPC, MS (Gerontology/Aging Specialist), & MCHC (Master Certified Health Coach)
Background:  A Life Coach through the Refuah Institute, A Master Certified Health Coach through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, a Member of the International Coaching Federation, and hold a Master's Degree in Gerontology/an Aging Specialist
I live in the Judean Hills of Israel, am Passionate about Health and Wellness, and Helping Women Live Their Best Self Now and For the Future.  
Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel (practice is Global)
058 433 6234 Israel (cell & WhatsApp) 
212 704 4060 (USA)

Leia Bleich, AAPC, CMCC

I specialize in family counseling with an emphasis on each individual family member’s psychological and emotional well-being as it pertains to the family unit and the individual him/herself.   My methods are Torah-based and grounded in the principles and values of an Orthodox Jewish life.  In addition, my clients are strongly encouraged to be actively involved in their growth and healing, and are supported in reaching beyond and outside their challenges.  My rate is $125 per hour. I offer a sliding scale for those clients who are in need of it.

Location:    Monsey, NY, United States

Phone:    845-282-0606



Rivka Fuchs, AAPC

I do general Life Coaching with a specialty in Diet, Health & Wellness. I integrate various cognitive methods with a holistic approach.

Location:    Woodmere, NY, United States

Phone:    516-510-3023



Rebbetzin Yehudit Glatt, BS, AAPC, CMCC

Are you finding the "Golden Years" to be too much of a mixed blessing? Are you caring for someone in your family who is functionally challenged? With many years experience and professional Coaching Training I believe that I can help you better cope with your situation. To schedule an appointment call me. Languages, English, Hebrew

Location:    Jerusalem, Israel (Practice is global)

Phone:    972-2-534-1238

Chaim Goldhirsch, AAPC

My passion is to help people find solutions to problems that comes up in daily life, to help them see their strengths and good traits, and  to help them set their right  goals to reach their fullest potentials.  My expertise is in coaching people how to make their relationships better and even wonderful, and in helping people overcome their emotional difficulties like anxiety and depression by making themselves a habit of being in a positive state of mind happy,calm and confident . I also have a lot of experience with boys being a Teacher and counselor for boys for years.  

I do my practice in person in my office, or by phone.                                       

Location: Borough Park, Brooklyn

I can be reached by phone: 718-213-0148    

or by email:

Chaim Mordecahi Grunwald

More than twenty years of successful experience coaching students while helping them learn fundamental skills needed to become independent learners.
Specializing in academic coaching for parents and students, as well as marital and relationship coaching. I maintain a close relationship with my students and clients for many years to come.
Phone: 773-240-0867


Stewart Hirsch, JD, AAPC, CMCC

I help professionals build and strengthen relationships to obtain new business, lead more effectively and do the right thing strategically and tactically. Individual and group coaching for professionals services providers and executives/leaders.

Location:    Boston, MA, USA (Practice is global)

Phone:    781-784-5280


Tila Jacobowitz, AAPC

Certified A.A.P.C CBT coach. My specialty is relationships, marriage coaching and to help you feel good and happy about yourself (self esteem /positive thinking).

Please call Tila Jacobowitz  438-931-3719 I will be pleased to help you good luck!

Rabbi Menachem Jaroslawicz, AAPC

A graduate of the Refuah Institute and certified by the AAPC, (American Association of Professional Coaches) as a “Life Coach”, “Rabbi J” adds his Coaching skills to an already impressive, successful resume of Rabbinical counseling, Self Motivational and Cognitive Behavioral techniques.

As a previous member of the Board of Arbitrators in the prestigious NY Diamond Dealers Club, Rabbi J utilizes his over 25 years of experience in setting up businesses, building sales forces and understanding human nature.

Serving as Rabbi of a senior community in Delray Beach Florida in addition to mentoring students and teenagers, Rabbi J maintains a cross-spectrum, astute and accurate pulse on personality development and human nature.

The job of a “Coach” is to successfully assist the coachee to discover, from within themselves, the answers and strengths needed to dissolve the blockages that are preventing them from achieving desired life goals.

Coaching is a positive, goal-oriented technique that provides the client with an almost immediate feel-good sense of accomplishment, imbuing them with the desire and aspiration to continue to succeed.

Phone:  (845) 270-0700

Esther Katina, AAPC

I help individuals in overcoming challenges and empowering women and teens to become what they want to be! I do group coaching in topics which include but are not limited to positive thinking, the five basic needs and raising an emotional Intelligent child.

Location:    Monroe, NY, United States

Phone:    845-492-7055,845-783-9259




Marcy Katz AAPC, CEO Binah Consulting

Specializing in Executive Coaching and Team Building. Helping professionals improve all areas of their lives that impact their professional development. Clients improve their productivity, become better leaders, managers and coaches and learn to work together in collaborative, positive and dynamic teams to drive growth and stellar results in their business environments. Individual, Executive and Team Coaching available.

Location:    Toronto, Canada (Practice is global)

Phone:    289-597-2234



Sharon Katz, AAPC

Diet, Health and Wellness.
I work one on one with individuals or with small groups to help people reach their healthy potential, both  physically and emotionally.   Midlife questions... "What do I really want to do with my life."  Working with individuals and couples to improve personal relationships, and
once again get a real appetite for life!

Fluent in English and Hebrew
Available in person, by phone or via skype

Location:   Raanana, Israel (Practice is Global)
Phone:       054-811-3810



Moshe Kohn, AAPC

I’ve been working with bochurim and young adults for over a dozen years in Yeshivas including Ohr David & Machon Shlomo, and I’m currently Mashgiach in Yeshiva Tiferes Chaim in Ramat Shlomo. My clients have included students, professionals, and kollel yungerleit, from different backgrounds and in a wide variety of settings. We’ve worked on everything from parenting to weight loss to business expansion to life in general. I help individuals organize their thoughts and figure out where they would like to be going, then set realistic goals to help them get there. This includes motivating them when they get stuck and reassuring them when they feel like they’re failing. The sessions take place over the phone which can be a great convenience for many.
Location:    Jerusalem, Israel

Cellphone:    052-761-0453


Linda Lebowitz

I specialize in coaching individuals with psychiatric disorders; helping my clients achieve a more productive and fulfilling life. I have had tremendous success helping parents and caregivers provide support to their special needs loved ones.

Location:  Israel

Cellphone: 058-405-4535 or 845-641-1905



Rabbi Shia Leigh, BSc, AAPC

I work with business professionals, executives and managers interested in advancing their careers.I have extensive experience managing internet marketing, site building and SEO. I also do relationship coaching, and work with couples looking to strengthen their sholom bayis.

Location:    Betar, (Yerusalyim), Israel

Cellphone: 972 – (0)58-71-770-72



Devora Levy, AAPC

Areas of expertise: Relationship coaching, women's issues, teens, couple-coaching, pre-marriage education. I love to empower women, couples,and teens to overcome challenges, find joy and improve relationships. Reasonable rates. Also available to do workshops on self growth/ self expression.

Visit my website:

Location:    Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel (Practice is Global)

Phone:    052-763-5387



Rabbi Yechiel Malik

a rabbinic leader, educator and board certified life coach. His personalized coaching and consulting services draws on nearly two decades of experience as a Rabbi, community leader, school teacher and principal.  Throughout the past decade, he has worked with families, couples and individuals of all ages, coaching them on a number of fronts, including marriage preparation, Shalom Bayis,  parenting, and career guidance.

In addition to his private practice as a life coach, Rabbi Malik also service as  a supervisor at Refuah Institute where he has the opportunity to train and shape students by leading practicums and by coaching students one on one.

He serves as the rabbi and director of the Jewish division of the NYS Chaplain Task Force, where his responsibilities include event planning, coaching, counseling and support work for a team of chaplains. Rabbi Malik is also the director of the Boro Park Division and Spiritual Care Unit of the American Red Cross DAT Team, the first frum division of certified Red Cross providers who are trained to offer assistance during crises. As a Vice- President of the Igud HaRabbonim/Rabbinical Alliance of America, Rabbi Malik trains Rabbonim for positions across the country. He is currently the Rav of Congregation Ahavas Achim Lvov. 

Phone: 718-759-7528


Francine Mashraki - AAPC

I enjoy watching you achieve your goals, in your own creative way. To help you on your journey, I use both complementary medicine and coaching.

Together we discover what the core issue is, so we can clean out deep, emotional “stuff” that you no longer need, and focus you on your new path, quickly and effectively.

I hold certifications in Life and Business Coaching (Refuah), Strengths Based Coaching (TMBC), One Brain Kinesiology, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

My varied training gives me many tools to use when working with each of my clients.

Location:   Israel (phone, in person, Skype)

Phone:    972-(0)54-566-4423



Chanie Messinger, AAPC

My life coaching practice is called Spirit Living Life Coaching and I specialize in health and wellness coaching. I am an occupational therapy student and I have a minor in psychology. My fee ranges from $25 to $100 an hour.

Location:    Brooklyn, NY, United States

Cellphone:    347-571-3326



Avromi Moldaver CLC, AAPC

I am a Graduate of the Refuah Institute 2011-2102. I live in Monsey New York with my wife Bracha and 3 children. I speak English,Hebrew,Yiddish and French. I have 13 years experience in mentoring teen age bochurim and continue to coach them during dating, engagment, and post mariage. I am a warm caring empathetic person who would like to help you with any situation; on your terms and at your pace. I charge $75 for 45 min. up to an hour and I am flexible for Bnei Torah or other situations.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Location:    Monsey, NY, United States

Phone:    347-524-4925



Gilit Morris, AAPC

I work with girls and women that are on their path to Torah through all the stages and levels of observance, with on emphasis on positivity and loads of support. My approach is warm, compassionate and pleasant. My clients are encouraged and inspired to take active roles in paving their way to a Torah observant lifestyle and achieving excellence, and will be able to reach beyond any obstacles. Phone appointments available.

Location:    Los Angeles, CA, United States

Phone:    (323)-202-5249



Yosef Nemiroff, AAPC

I am a graduate of the Refuah Institutes Certified Life Coaching Program. Before becoming a life coach I had about twelve years' experience working in the mental health field. With more than four years of clinical work in hospitals, group homes and drug rehabs, and seven years working in private practice in Israel. My cliental have included addicts (of every addiction), anxiety disorders, depression,OCD, sleep disorders and couples with marital issues.

Location:    Beitar, Israel (Practice is global)



Chaim Meir Perl, AAPC

I founded LifEase Coaching with the goal to help adults who struggle with chronic physical pain, like back/shoulder pain and more, which have their roots in emotional suffering. Many of my clients struggle in their stressful business life, trying to juggle between their productivity and their suppressed emotions, thus resulting in chronic physical pain. Dr. J. Sarno has long identified many of these physical symptoms, as manifestations of stress and repressed emotional pain. I was trained in many modalities, like NLP, IFS (Internal Family Systems) and Coherence Therapy, that could help these clients find their way out of these situations by healing the underlying fears and emotions. I have found that these approaches gave me powerful tools to coach my clients to a happy and calm peaceful life. By reconnecting to themselves, they find themselves again living life with ease. That’s LifEase Coaching. 
Location: Monsey, NY. Im also available by phone and skype.
Fee: Initial 2 hour consultation, $300, follow up sessions, $125 an hour, or $180 for an hour and a half. I also accept credit cards.
Contact info. Ph. 845-533-3082, F. 845-533-3537 E.


Rabbi Avram Pollak  AAPC
My coaching and counseling service is called ASAP SOLUTIONS. I have Semicha and nearly 20 years of both classroom and administrative experience. I love helping people succeed and I find my training enables me to help people relatively quickly and easily. I work with Solution Focused Counseling as well as CBT and Reality therapy. 

I am intuitive and warm and generally people realize within the first session that they have found someone they can trust and who is focused on their success and happiness!
My various life and professional experiences have given me further understanding of children, young adults, and adults as well. I am available both afternoons and nights for sessions in person or by phone.
Location: Far Rockaway/5towns
Phone: 347-306-7176

Avrum Posluns, AAPC

I am a graduate of the Refuah Institutes Certified Life Coaching Program. I am fluent in Yiddish, English and Hebrew. I am currently a manager of a home for mentally disbaled adults in Monsey, where I live with my wife and 2 children. My standard rate is $80 per hour, however I do work on a sliding scale for Bnei Torah.

Location:    Monsey, NY, United States



Tania Preminger, AAPC

I specialize in women and their emotions. I work together with clients to help them express and recognize their emotional states.  I accompany them through the uncertain moments in life, helping them find their inner strengths as Jewish women. I work in Spanish and English, in person, over the phone or skype

Location:    Jerusalem, Israel

Cellphone:    052-580-3400


Estie Rand, AAPC

I've been helping helping small and medium sized businesses improve for over 16 years. 
Combining my skills and knowledge gained as a graduate of Baruch College Zicklin School of Business and a Certified Professional Coach with the Refuah Institute, I launched Strand Consulting where I help business owners make more money with less headache. My decade + of experience in non-profits taught me how to use smart strategies and execution within a tight-budget to do more with less and it's my honor to bring those skills to help small business owners do the same. 
My expertise will help you with:
*Business Plans
*Buy/sell a business
*Systems Assessment; Low Cost Systems Development; Procedures & Controls; Information Flow; Informational Architecture; Database Design; Database Building
Feel free to connect to find out how I can help your business make more money with less headache.
*Instagram: @strand_consulting
*Facebook: Strand Consulting
*Skype: Estie.Rand

Debbie Rauch

I am an educator for 30 years -15  years in early childhood education and 15  years in special needs (currently)

I hold 2 MA degrees- 1 in special ed, 1 in leadership / administration.

I am comfortable to coach any age - middle school, high school, early adult and adult. 

I am comfortable with any and all sects of our community from modern to chassidish/ yeshivish.

I prefer to work with females. 

My contact information:

Debbie Rauch


Rabbi Shmuel Reich, AAPC

He received his semicha from Harav Betzalel Rudinsky. He teaches 12th grade boys who taught him how difficult it can be to learn and launch for life while struggling with ADHD and similar challenges. He developed creative and engaging material and methodologies to help them learn. Concomitantly, he studied life coaching and CBT at the Refuah Institute, and subsequently pursued a specialty in ADHD coaching at Impact Academy culminating with a certificate in ADHD coaching. He then further advanced his training through Carol Gignoux's specialized ADHD coach training program. He currently coaches parents of children with ADHD, teens, Yeshiva and college students, and adults. He helps them understand and manage their ADHD symptoms, as well as plan, execute, and effectively navigate their goals based on their innate strengths and interests. This includes, but is not limited to, learning techniques for effective time management, follow through, organization, motivation, effective communication, and self esteem. He can be reached for workshops or individual coaching at, or by phone @ 6462628257.


Hirsch (Heshy) Reichman, AAPC, CMCC, Refuah Supervisor

Founder and director of Machon Shalom B’cheilech: Classes for young men to help you achieve strong marital relationships, healthy communication skills as well as successful self-improvement.

I b"h successfully coach couples and individuals in helping them significantly improve their marriage and helping each one overcome their emotional hardships on the way. My practice includes sharing techniques in social and communication skills, positive thinking and overcoming difficult emotions such as anxiety, OCD, lack of confidence etc.


Location: Brooklyn, N.Y. (or by phone from virtually anywhere)

Confidential phone line: 917-202-6679 (feel free to leave a message)

Confidential email:


Rabbi Joshua Ritchie, MD, FAAP, ABFP, RTC, AAPC, CMCC

I enjoy helping people find quick, easy and meaningful solutions.

Location:    Jerusalem, Israel (Practice is global)

Phone:    646-395-9613



Rebbetzin Liliane Ritchie, RTC, AAPC, CMCC

Areas of expertise: Assisting people in living in joy; Why they are here; Life purpose; How to build a harmonious relationship; Enjoy life; Connect with your higher resources and potential.

Location:    Jerusalem, Israel (Practice is global)

Phone:    646-395-9613



Devora Rittri, MA in Clinical Psychology, AAPC

I specialize in marriage and dating coaching, mid-life crisis and family related challenges.

Psychology combined with Coaching is a powerful tool to access your potential to overcome your challenges.  It empowers you to make choices which will lead you to a preferred future. Positive Psychology, Solution Focused Therapy and Coaching with Choice Theory are my framework for helping clients reach these goals.  Be the person you want to be!  I am available for private sessions in person, by phone or Skype.

Languages: English, German and French

Location:    Basel, Switzerland

Phone:    +41 78 725 3770



Chaim Simcha Routburg, AAPC

Professional Life Coach dedicated to the success of the people around me. I enjoy connecting with people with a drive to succeed.  Chaim Simcha - Coach & Motivational Speaker

Location:    Global,  Email:


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Refuah Graduate Receiving Diploma

I want to thank Professor Ritchie, Rabbi Glatt and the whole Refuah Staff for an amazing course. I do not hesitate to take on difficult and intense cases since Professor Ritchie and Rabbi Glatt have instilled in me the confidence to handle them effectively.   I hear them saying “Go for it Avromi, you can do it"!

~ Avromi Moldaver CLC, AAPC

"The process of coaching begins with coach and client establishing an alliance, a collaborative relationship. They are in this together to fulfill the client’s goals".

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Find A Coach

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