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A. Hammer, AAPC

Our wonderful professor and his diverse staff have taught us to help others help themselves.

Each Sunday arrived and each lesson unfolded a calmer more confident smile on my face. The classes were the highlight of my busiest day of the week. The teachers were in top form and each a role model in their own expertise.  Rabbi Ritchie has an encyclopedic mind, which so brightly and calmly led us to the path of confident coaching.  His love for all people and open mindedness gave me hope that maybe one day I can do this too.

R' Pliskin, Prof Ritchie, and R' Leff presenting R' Glatt with his Refuah Diploma

Your sessions are definitely inspiring, helpful, very good solid tools for coaching people.

~ Chaya Sarah Radzimisnky AAPC,MCC

"Refuah graduates are using their coaching skills as: life coaches, school counselors, administrators, educators, kiruv professionals, shadchanim, marriage, family and career counselors, and community leaders".

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