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Coaching Topics


1.Introduction of Students and Faculty - Core Fundamentals of Coaching

2.Nature and History of Solution Focused Coaching

3.Creating the Coaching Relationship, Active Listening and Rapport Building

4.Coaching as a Helping, Collaborative Relationship

5.Vocabulary & Glossary of Coaching Terms and Use of the Coaching Tool Kit

6.Coaching Clients in Crisis - Crisis Counseling

7.Coaching Questions, Appreciative Inquiry; Tamim Inquiry

8.Solution Focused Questions and Use of Scaling / Scoring

9.Coaching by Telephone: How to see with your ears & be seen through your voice

10.Goals, Goals Clarification & Developing a S.M.A.R.T. Action Plan

11.Finding and Developing Specialty/Niche, Utilizing Your Interests & Expertise

12.Health and Wellness Coaching

13.Solution Focused Coaching for Habit Transformation & for Meaningful Success

14.Coaching Mandated Clients (with Demonstration)

15.Positive Psychology in Coaching

16.Flow, Balance and Process, Total Life Coaching

17.Relaxation, Stress Management, Working with Groups

18.NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Solution Focused Skills in Coaching

19.Reality Therapy / Choice Theory as Applied to Coaching

20.Reality Therapy as Applied to Coaching and Education

21.Adolescent & Youth Coaching

22.Parents & Tutors As Coach, Coaching Parents How To Coach Their Children

23.Quality Schools: Coaching Students For Success

24.Coaching Skills for Educators and Guidance Counselors

25.Relationship Coaching; V’Ahavta - Love Your Neighbor

26.Coaching for Success in Shidduchim and Marriage

27.Marriage Coaching and Counseling

28.Difficult Conversations, Providing Constructive Feedback

29.Coaching for Joy, Building Self Image, Motivation and Enthusiasm

30.Professionalism, Trusted Advisors, Executive Coaching

31.Spiritual Coaching for Creativity & Intuition

32.Rabbinic Chaplaincy, Coaching the Elderly, Ill and Imprisoned

33.Strategic Planning and Marketing

34.Networking and Marketing Skills

35.Developing Professionalism, Building a Career & Practice

36.Concluding Session and Summary



Professor Stewart Hirsch, JD, AAPC, CMCC
Professor Joshua Ritchie MD, FAAP, RTC, AAPC, CMCC
Mrs. Rivkah Finkel, MA, CASAP, RTC, AAPC, CMCC
Rabbi Zelig Pliskin, MA, AAPC, CMCC
David Ritchie, MBA, RTC, AAPC, CMCC
Rebbetzin Liliane Ritchie, RTC, AAPC, CMCC
Rabbi Nosson Schafer, AAPC, CMCC

Studying at the Refuah Institute

Your sessions are definitely inspiring, helpful, very good solid tools for coaching people.


~ Chaya Sarah Radzimisnky AAPC,MCC

"With this training, Refuah graduates acquire the coaching skills necessary to help their clients develop to their full potential".

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