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Coaching Program Details
Refuah - CBT Coach and Counselor Training Program

Refuah Institute is dedicated to providing Jews with the skills needed to become their “best self”. Every human being has great G-d given potential. At Refuah we facilitate the development of our student’s potential. Our graduates become role-models and acquire the skills and tools needed to coach and counsel others to become their best selves.

With the Wisdom of Torah and the tools of evidenced based scientific methods, Refuah students acquire the skills that enable remarkable growth and transformation. CBT Coaching, Solution Focused Counseling and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are of proven value in helping people change for the better.


The program ensures the acquisition of the skills, experience and proficiency necessary to be certified as a Professional Coach by the AAPC (American Association of Professional Coaches).


The Refuah CBT Coach and Counselor Diploma and Certification Program is a full one year (12 month - 130 hour) program including 36 two-hour training workshops and 50+ hours of supervised practicum.


The workshops are comprised of lectures, demonstrations and role-playing. Training includes coaching skills suitable for coaching in any situation and setting as well as specific training for coaching in the areas of Education & Guidance, Marriage & Family and Health & Wellness, Leadership & Success. Click here to see the lecture syllabus 


Students will learn and acquire the skills of coaching and counseling using the methods and techniques of CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Counseling and NLP – NeuroLinguistic Programing.


The program also includes practicums that are offered live by phone 6 times a week, enabling the Refuah students to choose a practicum offered at a convenient time.


Continuing Supervision after Graduation


When you graduate from the program you are entitled to continue participating in the supervised practicums and have access to our online educational tools. This enables our graduates to have supervision in their work as coaches and counselors.


The Live Interactive Learning Experience at Refuah


You can connect to Refuah’s classes live by teleconference (phone) or video conference, using WebEx or Skype. If you are in Israel, you can join us in person at the Institute in Jerusalem. Recordings of missed sessions and of practicum training are available.


During the supervised Practicum sessions you will have a chance to observe and discuss coaching sessions, to role-play clients, to act as a coach and receive feedback from the faculty supervisor and your classmates. 


You will also practice coaching with your classmates as learning partners, and are encouraged and guided to use your new coaching skills in home and work settings. The program also includes the submission of a Term Paper and a final Oral Exam.


Personal coaching and mentoring is also available per appointment with a faculty coach.


Program Materials Provided


  • Refuah Institute Coach Training Manual (Volume I and Volume II)

  • The Coaching Manual, Julie Starr

  • Headset for Telephone or Computer

  • Access to our extensive Multimedia Library of Educational Material




Program fees include all the costs for your certification by the American Association of Professional Coaches – AAPC including the submission of your application by the Refuah Institute.




Distance Learning

Refuah institute teaches that coaching is all about partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. An excellent and thorough course. Highly recommended!


~ Devora Levy, AAPC

"Students of the Refuah Institute learn from home with live, fully interactive training, attending classes and practicums by conference calls or video conference".


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