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Contact Information

Refuah Institute

Phone: 646-395-9613 Office hours 6 am until 11 am Sunday thru Thursday 

or answering service (24 hr)

Contact Information

Refuah Institute


Phone: 646-395-9613 office (6 am until 11 am EST) and answering service (24 hr)

Dean and Director Direct: 646-395-9618


Fax: 347-493-3554



Phone: 972-2-571-5112

80 Derech Hahoresh 

Jerusalem, Israel 9727120


USA Mailing Address

3501 Jack Northrop Ave
Suite # E9782
Hawthorne, CA 90250-4433


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R' Pliskin, Prof Ritchie, and R' Leff presenting R' Glatt with his Refuah Diploma

Your sessions are definitely inspiring, helpful, very good solid tools for coaching people.

~ Chaya Sarah Radzimisnky AAPC,MCC

"Refuah graduates are using their coaching skills as: life coaches, school counselors, administrators, educators, kiruv professionals, shadchanim, marriage, family and career counselors, and community leaders".

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Find A Coach

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