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Refuah Coaching
Refuah - Coaching in the Light of Torah

Refuah Coaching is Life Coaching at its best – a comprehensive use of Torah tradition and proven professional methods. Coaching is a modern term for what our Leaders, Gedolim and great educators have been practicing for millennium, a most effective and respectful way of guiding, counseling and educating. This approach, when used skillfully is extremely effective with almost anyone, at almost any age and in a great variety of settings and situations.

These coaching methods and skills can be learned by those that are interested in helping people develop their strengths and potential and to discover their resources, abilities and talents. It does require an ability to empathetically understand people, to appreciate them and genuinely care for them and their growth, development and success. With this desire, the skill to accomplish these goals can be learned and mastered. The methods incorporated in Refuah Coaching are all Torah compatible. Included is a solution focused, client centered approach, Cognitive-Behavioral methods, NLP techniques, methods for crisis counseling, marriage counseling, family counseling and guidance counseling. A Refuah Diploma graduate is certified by the AAPC - American Association of Professional Coaches as a Certified Life Coach and is qualified to work in many varied settings.

Rebbetzin Ritchie with some Refuah Students

Every week there was something that I could implement immediately, yet the full depth and value of the ideas and concepts matured throughout the duration of the program. The practice and role-playing sessions were especially powerful learning techniques.

~ Rabbi Tsvi Koehler AAPC

"Professor Ritchie was privileged to learn the art of coaching and counseling by first hand observation of several great rabbinic counselors, including the previous Amshinover Rebbe, Rabbi Y. Y. Meir Kalish"...

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