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Coaching Faculty

Professor Joshua Ritchie MD, FAAP, RTC,





Dr. Joshua H. Ritchie, M.D., is an educator, a professor of medicine,

a Board-certified family practitioner and pediatrician, a published author,

a coach, counselor, and hypnotherapist. He is also an ordained rabbi.


Professor Ritchie's coaching and counseling methods are not only a blend of his extensive secular education and training, but more importantly, he incorporates the experiences from  his close association with the Amshinover Rebbe, zt”l, Rabbi Simcha Wasserman, zt”l, and Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, zt”l.  He was privileged to spend thousands of hours observing the methods employed by these masters as they were counseling individuals.


Professor Ritchie served as chairman of the California Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists and was the founding medical director of the Laniado Hospital - Sanz Medical Center in Netanya, Israel. He has taught throughout his professional career in medical schools and training programs in California, New York, and Israel, and has lectured worldwide. His writings have been published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association and the New England Journal of Medicine, among others. In 2004, the Refuah Institute published "13 Steps to Harmonious Relationships", authored by Professor Ritchie.


Click the PDF image below to see Dr. Ritchie's CV





Mrs. Rivkah Finkel, MA, CASAP, RTC, AAPC,



Mrs. Rivka Finkel is the founder and director of Olamot. Olamot runs

different projects for girls from religious backgrounds that are in need

of the following services. There are currently three dorms and a high

school. There is a therapeutic residence for girls aged 14-18. A dorm

for the graduates of the high school. We also have an american dorm

for girls that are over 18 years old.  The high school is geared to girls

that can benefit from an accepting and inviting environment. Olamot

offers a multifaceted approach to learning. Quality Limudei Kodesh

with an emphasis on application. Olamot has a team of profesional staff using reality therapy as a tool to empower its students. After completing a 4-year training program in parental guidance, she completed the PROFESSIONAL COUNSELOR & COACH DIPLOMA PROGRAM, along with a Masters program by distance learning. Commenting on how useful her training at Refuah has been, Rivka says, "Advancing my skills whilst working in the field is an extremely efficient way of putting learning into practice. The supervision groups and Professor Ritchie's advice have helped me deal with many of the challenges I face in dealing with teenagers on a daily basis."

Professor Stewart Hirsch, JD, AAPC,



Initially a lawyer in firms and companies, Stewart Hirsch practiced

law from 1980-2001. He has been coaching and training

professionals in business development skills since 1994, long

before business development coaching became a profession.

His business development clients include lawyers, consultants,

and other professionals. He was recently named Best Business

Development Coach in a Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, 2017

Reader Poll.  Stewart Hirsch also delivers programs on networking, creating business plans, and selling for professional services and social media. His programs are popular with international organizations and professional firms. 


Stewart is also a leadership and executive coach, where his clients include senior leaders of US-based companies and professional firms.  He has written numerous articles on leadership, executive presence, and unconscious bias, all of which can be found on his website.


Stewart’s website is: .

Stewart’s blog posts can be found at: and on his website

Twitter: @stewartmhirsch



Rabbi Zelig Pliskin, MA, AAPC, CMCC


Rabbi Zelig Pliskin is a rabbi, counselor, lecturer, and author

of more than 20 books. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland,

attended the Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim Talmudical Academy of

Baltimore and the Telshe Yeshiva of Cleveland, Ohio, prior to

marrying his wife Raizel and moving to Israel, where he studied

for five years at a Briske yeshiva. He received his  degree in

Counseling Psychology from the State University of New York. In addition to being on the Refuah Institute faculty, Rabbi Pliskin has had a long-term affiliation with Aish haTorah, and provides marriage and personal growth counseling.


Futher infomation and

Yishai Gorden, RTC, AAPC, CMCC


Yishai Gorden is a graduate of the Refuah Institute and is Reality

Therapy Certified. He has successfully completed the Refuah coaching

and counseling courses, and also the Institute’s organizational and

business course.  As a member of the Refuah faculty, Yishai Gorden

supervises a weekly practicum and manages the live and recorded

course lectures. Raised in America, Yishai came back to Israel after

graduating from Block Yeshiva HS in St. Louis and continued his

yeshiva studies for a further six years, following which he married and became an afternoon seder Rebbe where he discovered his love of working with people. In his words, it was at this point that “Hashem blessed me and showed me the light of the Refuah Institute”.

David Ritchie, MBA, RTC, AAPC, CMCC


David Ritchie graduated Jerusalem College of Technology with a BA

in computer science in 1986 and a MBA with honors in 2011. He is the

manager of the Department of Information  Systems and teaches at

the Jerusalem College of Technology. David is a certified coach and

counselor. He teaches and supervises Refuah students in developing

their strategic planning and marketing.

Rebbetzin Liliane Ritchie, RTC, AAPC, CMCC


Rebbetzin Liliane Ritchie is a co-founder of the Refuah Institute and has

been trained in every aspect of life coaching offered by the Institute.

A qualified life coach, she is also is a multimedia artist, a teacher, an

author, and a mother of five. Her writings, teachings, and paintings have

touched the lives of thousands of individuals. She communicates soul

inspiration with a high quality of wisdom and kindness. In the words of

Frayda Milka Abramowitz, Ribnitzer Rebbetzin, “Her words will bring you

to a place of beauty with love for our Creator, the people of Israel and Torah wisdom.”

Rebbetzin Channah Schafer, LICSW, AAPC,



Rebbetzin Channah Schafer is a licensed therapist and holistic health

practitioner. She has been a life coach for business, personal growth,

and health issues for the past 30 years. Rebbetzin Schafer was a

student of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, and she incorporates his

teachings into her work. She is married to Reb Nossen Schafer, with

whom she enjoys doing workshops. Her passion is Jewish healing and intuitive work, but Rebbetzin Schafer believes her best job to date is being a grandparent, which is her personal delight.

Rabbi Nosson Schafer, AAPC, CMCC


Rabbi Nossen Schafer is a chaplain in prisons, nursing homes, and

hospitals. He received semicha from Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach in 1976.

He teaches and leads Shabbos retreats and seminars on themes of

Torah and Chassidus.  


Nossen still yearns for the joy, acceptance, and closeness he

experienced with Reb Shlomo. He receives joy, comfort, and strength from the light of the Torah that is flowing into the world through friends, teachers, and students.

Rabbi Yechiel Malik, AAPC, CMCC


He serves as the rabbi and director of the Jewish division of the

NYS Chaplain Task Force, where his responsibilities include event

planning, coaching, counseling and support work for a team of

chaplains. Rabbi Malik is also the director of the Boro Park Division

and Spiritual Care Unit of the American Red Cross DAT Team,

Team, the first frum division of certified Red Cross providers who

are trained to offer assistance during crises.

Hindy Ilowitz, AAPC, CMCC


Mrs. Ilowitz a 12th grade teacher at Banos Chana in Brooklyn,

New York,coaches privately and with Toshia as a Parenting Coach.

She has proven herself as gifted practicum supervisor for the

Refuah Coach Training Program.

Rabbi Yona Ziskind, AAPC. CMCC


Rabbi Ziskind learned in Gateshead and served as Menahel of the

Yeshiva High School in Antwerp, Belgium for many years. He is a

private practice coaching, counseling, teaches High School boys and

Seminary students, conducts parenting and relationship workshops

and is an outstanding Refuah Practicum Supervisor. 

Chanie Berger, AAPC, CMCC


Chanie Berger maintains a private practice where she deals with

relationship and parenting issues for married couples. Mrs. Berger is

a Toshia Parenting Coach and a gifted practicum supervisor for the

Refuah Coach Training Program.

Rebbetzin Ritchie with some Refuah Students

Every week there was something that I could implement immediately, yet the full depth and value of the ideas and concepts matured throughout the duration of the program. The practice and role-playing sessions were especially powerful learning techniques.


~ Rabbi Tsvi Koehler AAPC

"Professor Ritchie was privileged to learn the art of coaching and counseling by first hand observation of several great rabbinic counselors, including the previous Amshinover Rebbe, Rabbi Y. Y. Meir Kalish"...

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