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Graduates receive a Diploma from the Institute and are certified by the American Association of Professional Coaches.

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Important information about Corona Virus from 

Professor Joshua Ritchie, M.D.

Important information about Corona Virus

from Professor Joshua Ritchie, M.D. Dean of Refuah Institute


I have important life saving information to share with you about what you can do to prevent having a serious case of Corona virus infection simply by taking a zinc supplement.


My previous research on vitamin E deficiency in premature infants has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine and is being used in every hospital in the world today. It has saved hundreds of millions premature infants from blindness, brain damage, and death.


Now I have done new research on prevention of Corona Virus, and I have found that Zinc deficiency makes the severity of the Corona Virus infection much worse.


At least one third of the population has zinc deficiency. The metabolic process for resistance to infection is notably and especially dependent on zinc.


So, I advise all adults to start taking 30 milligrams of Zinc every day, starting now. Please spread the word and share this important information.


If you cannot get zinc supplement pills then work at eating enough foods high in zinc, such as meat, dairy, oatmeal, nuts, seeds, and breakfast cereal fortified with zinc and try to find some vitamins containing zinc like a good multivitamin. Getting such a large dose of zinc just from food is usually very difficult and requires making a drastic change in diet. A much easier solution is to simply take a zinc supplement of 20 mg to 40 mg of elemental zinc per day.


Professor Joshua Ritchie, MD, Dean, Refuah Institute

New England Journal of Medicine article 1968:


Please share this information and video.




Professional Diploma and Certification Program in CBT Coaching (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) 


The Refuah Institute is the leading provider of Torah based coach training in the world and the only program to teach Torah based coaching with highly interactive distance learning workshops. Refuah’s Torah life coaching approach enables people to achieve success and fulfillment in their work and life through a synergy of proven scientific methods and Torah wisdom that promotes and enhances the lifelong process of learning.


Whether you are looking for an accredited coach training program, professional coaching certification, or powerful coaching skills to help you be more success in your career and life, you will find it with Refuah Institute’s Training Programs.

Training includes coaching skills suitable for coaching in any situation and setting as well as specific training for coaching in the areas of Education & Guidance, Marriage & Family and Health and Wellness.

Upon graduation you will have the skills of a trained professional coach and will be able to build a private coaching practice or advance your career in a variety of organizational and educational settings.


To date, hundreds of coaches, counselors, educators, organizational and community leaders, outreach workers, consultants, managers, and new career explorers have been trained through Refuah Institute.  Refuah trained coaches come from varied backgrounds such as Teachers, Rabbis, Rebbitzens, Principals, Mashgichim, Shadchanim, parents, youth and marriage counselors, therapists, business and Jewish community leaders. Many will go on to advance in their current career whereas many establish a new career or expand into a private practice of coaching. Refuah graduates are having a significant impact on their families, schools, yeshivas, workplaces and communities by modeling effective ways of communicating, coaching and guiding with Torah values.


Among Refuah Institute's distinguished faculty members are Professor Joshua Ritchie MD, Rabbi Zelig Pliskin; Rabbi Zev Leff; Rabbi Natan Schafer, MSC; Stewart Hirsch, J.D.; Rebbitzen Liliane Ritchie and Rebbitzen Rifka Finkel.

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